Friday, June 26, 2009

Love like it is your last day alive

Today could very well be your last day alive. None of us know if we will even make it through until the end of the day, let alone the next hour. Yet, we often live as though we will be alive forever.

Do those in your life know how much you love them …….really?
We never know when that moment is going to arrive. One thing that we can rest assured is that it will surely arrive. It could arrive at any moment. With every passing moment it gets a second closer. Are you ready for that moment? Are you loving fully, so that if that moment came you are ready?

Did the people in the South East Asian tsunami know that they wouldn’t come home to see their children that night? Did the people in 9/11 have any idea that they wouldn’t look into the eyes of their beloved ever again?

Who would you need to forgive? Who would you need to speak with? What do you need to let go of? Who would you need to love?

Do it now. It is the only moment you have.
Be bold. LOVE.NOW

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