Friday, June 26, 2009

Let go of attachment

When you get attached in your giving, or loving, all you do is block the flow of the infinite universe in your life. You close yourself off from all the other infinite sources that the universe can use to bless/give to you, because you are so fixated on one person or source.

Remember that we live in an infinite and abundant universe. When you give your gifts and love without attachment, you allow the universe to flow through you, and manifest in your life in ways that your limited mind could never have imagined.

In letting go of the attachment when you give, remember this: You cannot cheat the universe. That the energy that you put out there into the universe will always come back to you. It may not come back to you from the person that you gave it to. Or even from the place that you thought it would. But rest assured that it will come back to you at least in the equivalent that you gave it. We suffer because we get attached to it coming back a certain way or from a particular person.

When you open yourself to LOVE.NOW, you allow the universe to fulfill itself through your life in the way that it needs to. Then you tap into the effortless flow of Life itself and it is as though all of nature will rise to support you.

Let go of attachment and LOVE.NOW.

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